Google Tag Manager: What Is It?

You can install, store, and manage marketing tags without modifying website code with the free Google Tag Manager (GTM) tool.Marketing tags are little pieces of code that collect data and track user actions.

The Google tag that is used to install Google Analytics and other Google products is the most common example of a marketing tag.

Event codes from Google Analytics, conversion scripts from Google Ads, the Meta Pixel code, and remarketing tags are a few other typical examples.

For Google Analytics and other platforms to function and collect data, you must include tags like these in your website’s code.However, you run the risk of forgetting about, losing, or breaking tags with each addition and code change.

By allowing you to install, manage, and deploy marketing tags from within its software rather than your website’s code, GTM mitigates these issues.Additionally, the software only inserts marketing tags and code snippets into your website’s code when absolutely necessary.

so that testing something won’t break your website by accident.

What is the purpose of Google Tag Manager?

You can keep track of virtually any user behavior or event with Tag Manager.Some examples of events that are frequently tracked include:Conversions, link clicks, button clicks, form submissions, abandonment of the shopping cart, file downloads, scroll behavior, video views, call to action (CTA) performance, table of contents (TOC) clicks, and custom events are all examples of conversions.

A single JavaScript code snippet that you add to your website serves as the container for all of the tags you want to manage in Google Tag Manager.

GTM retrieves and injects a tag into your website’s code when a user does something like click a link or load a page.The tag is then executed by GTM.To put it another way, GTM only injects and applies a tag when it is triggered by a user.

This reduces the likelihood of implementation errors and the overall amount of code on a website.

What is a tag?

Analytics, marketing, and support platforms use tags to integrate with websites and applications.For instance, Google Analytics collects visitor information through the use of tags.In this instance, you can send data from your website to a connected Google Analytics property using the Google tag.

You don’t have to write code to create, manage, or publish tags with GTM.

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